How do we perceive the world around us? Are we aware of what's going on?

creates designs that explore the relationship between man and nature. Fascinated by the way nature moves and grows, tiddO creates experiences that reveal the secrets and beauty within nature.

tiddO is a membre of Collaboration O.




2006 Design Academy
Assignment Clippeleir: Research an organism, the Nautilus Shell, and re�create it with mathematical precision.
Material: tracing paper, glue.


2009 tiddO & Joost Gehem Design.
Collaborating with Joost Gehem Design we engineered and produced this moving logo for the beer�brand Bavaria. This moving sculpture was especially designed for the �S-caf��, a restaurant situated in an old factory, which used to be the central machine room for all of the Phillips�factories in Eindhoven. Hence all the kinetics in the sculpture. It�s driven by one engine and it takes approximately seven and a half minutes for all the letter-parts to align.
[The project was managed by Patricia Vernooij]

Movie made by Christa van Deth

Stop-motion by Niels Hoebers

Stop-motion by Niels Hoebers

Racemonster Race Service

2009 Design Academy

Joost Gehem and tiddO designed this service for the children of �Woensel-west�, a deprived area in Eindhoven.
�From scrap to Racemonster Race� is just one of the activities organized by �Deugd Ter Plaatse� (Virtue on the spot). �Deugd Ter Plaatse� is an organization that provides social services and designs educational experiences by looking at problems in present�day society. The topic associated with the �Racemonster Race� is the seemingly inescapable consumption society. By renewing discarded toy cars, the children are given an introduction to the fact that repair is a fun and exiting experience.
We materialized this service by designing a carrier tricycle that houses all of the necessities for a fun repair�race experience.


2008 Design Academy, Allard Roeterink�s class
Design is not about creating objects. It�s about creating experiences.
When designing an experience, the focus lies on the relationship between user and product, rather than on the product itself. Therefore one of the main questions is:
What does the interaction feel like? After designing the interaction, the product takes its form, instead of the other way around.

In this design, a �door� is a choice to open or close yourself to external factors. Opening or closing yourself from external factors is a choice that often involves cognitive dissonance.
To help us make that choice, we could sometimes use a little push in the right direction, and in the opinion of tiddO that push should be a gentle, fluid motion, like being picked up by your father when you where a little child, tired of a long ride home, half asleep, and safely being carried home to bed.

Solar Click�on Bicycle Light

2009 Design Academy
A bicycle light, consisting of four main parts, which can easily be clicked together around the handle�bars. With no dynamo, no wiring, this headlight will charge itself during the day and saves enough energy for a one hour ride.
Rotating the upper part will switch the lights off and cover them up at the same time.

Sphyrna [latin for hammerhead shark]

2003 CIBAP
Assignment: Design a vehicle, in which you can present yourself at the graduation show.
Martin Schuurmans and I tried to create an experience that included flow, strength, speed and fun.
We learned a lot about the physics � and the practical aspects � of centripetal forces.


2009 Design Academy
Assignment: Design a product that stimulates you to repair.
In my opinion this world is more in need of immaterial repair, so I designed this teapot for The Center for Nonviolent Communication.
The teapot doesn�t have any handles, so you have to pick it up with both hands, instilling within you a �giving� posture. In conjunction with this the cup cannot stand on its own, so your conversational partner has to help, by holding his cup, while the tea is poured. This interaction stimulates a �sharing� thought-pattern, rather then the separate individual thought patterns linked to the arguments in the discussion.

Prayer flag breath loom

2008 Design Academy
A loom designed to weave prayer flags using your breath in order to induce a meditative state.
Concept: Weaving this prayer flag as a gift makes you think about someone�else�s well being and doing this in an altruistic way brings inner peace and contentment. Combined with the focus on breathing, this makes for an accessible meditation�tool that enables self�reflection and self� exploration .


2006 Design Academy
A bassguitar�suitcase consisting of an inner bag and an outer shell, combining the benefits of a lightweight bag and the protective aspects of a full casing. Opening the case vertically transforms it into a guitar�stand.


Self�portraits produced in the first year of the Design Academy in the class of Mathieu Meijers.

Chaise d'�coute

2007 Design Academy
Taking a retrospective view of how I used to listen to fairytale�records as a kid, I searched for the best way to re�experience this feeling.
When sitting down the chair folds around you, cocooning you within the stereo sound from the speakers in the padding.
The curved hinges force the segments to bend, providing an ergonomic shape.

Chaise de Souffle

2008 Design Academy
�Stay close to nature. It�s an unlimited source of inspiration.
Nature simply �is�, without thinking, without reasoning and without arguing, pure being.�
Using the wind to shape the volumes of this chair, I captured the moment in composite material.
The composite material was essential because it could handle the forces while retaining the feel of a light, floating object.

Riding in the Sun Performance

Design Academy 2009
Theatre of the product: A performance about the beauty of repairing a bicycle with your father.
Stuff that is broken doesn�t always have to end up at the garbage dump.

Playstation Controller

2006 Design Academy
Videogame controller that gets heavier and harder to move each level, making gaming a more fysical experience.

Flow Movies

A compilation of several videos I shot while searching for �flow�.

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